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Symbols Special

Back home again. I just finished unpacking and I already have my costume and underclothes in the washing machine. The sponges of the schmink are drying in my washbasin.
The LARP was a bit disappointing for me, but that was mainly my fault. I didn't really feel like going Saturdayevening, Matthijs forgot his bow and thus we missed the train and had to wait for half an hour. That did nothing to improve my mood. And I had a headache, so I wasn't in the best of moods when we arrived at the location.

It took me quite some time to get in character and I spent most of the time writing spells in Serran's (Hans) spellbook. Nothing much happend until late at night when three Nightkin came from the future to warn us that we had to go to the future to save Pakuna. They gave us just enough information to go on a quest the next day.
So the next day we went on a quest. We met some gascreatures and vanquished them. I used a few magic arrows to defend myself and the pack. All of us got wounded, but none majorly. Then we made it to the clearing where we did a chant and got into the future. We ended up in the middle of a village with a huge problem; they were surrounded by a vast wall without a door and the wall was closing them in. Soon they would all die by lack of air and supplies.
And that is where I lost it. There were so many problems to be solved that I couldn't grasp it all and, controlfreak that I am, I got frustrated. It was cold outside, lots of things were happening and nobody could tell me what we were doing or what we should be doing. All I knew was that there was some kind of medicine to be brought to Runewall of that time to save Pakuna, who was dying. And there was something about a blue stone and some red potion (which in the end both turned out to be of no importance for our quest) and a lot of chasing and a kidnapping of some of our packmembers.
I was cold, frustrated and went inside to go pack my bed and things. A bit later I went in character again, but the situation hadn't improved and when Serran handed me the staff of Taima (our packleader) so he could get his hands free I really had had it. After a few moments of concideration I gave him back the staff and stormed inside again, where at least it was warm and quiet. Not long after that Matthijs (Rallin) came to get me because apparently something had been solved and everybody was to get out of the hole that Elana would open in the wall. I had a tantrum while Matthijs tried to calm me down. The sweetheart, he didn't deserve to be yelled at.
After a short while I got outside into the cold again. (I am SO going to make me a warmer coat for this character!) We went through the hole in the wall, spent some time in retreiving the blue stone from a villager Nightkin and then brought the medicine (that had somehow appeared somewhere) to the Runewall of that time. After that we went back to our own time and that's where the special ended.

After talking to Matthijs on our way back home I came to the conclusion that I am just a lowsly roleplayer. Well, that might be too strong a word. But still. As soon as there is something to be done with plot, I'm lost. As soon as I can't get all pieces of information to make a well thought out decision (something that is very rare on a larp) I get frustrated. I think that that's the main reason that I play 'stupid' or childish characters best. They can enjoy themselves, don't have to follow rules, don't have to make any important decisions and best of all: they don't really have to follow plot.
Another bad thing about Halda is that she has an impossible goal: trying to protect her pack, which is kind off hard when you have three children running around and messing things up. And she wants the pack to get out of Runewall, since Runewall has proved to be dangerous. But getting out of Runewall is writing yourself out of the game.
So here I am again, stuck with another character that can't be played right. At least, not by me.
I like Halda best when nothing important or livethreatening is happening and she can just sit in the camp making necklaces and stuff out of wool.

Next Symbols I will hopefully study magic with Hans' character Serran (my cousin) and learn and teach a few new spells.
I also have to decide if I'll attend Lands in Exile again with my character Ellen. Because there I'm quite lost as well. But at least I got the promise of Martijn this weekend that I can make Raya (for BoneBreakers Bar) a bit older. So I'm looking forward at playing an adolescent helldemon.

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