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Sitting cat Welcome to my home-cooked journal.
Here you will find my rants about every day life and things that keep me busy.
In the past I have frequently written, but there's no saying if I'll continue on that path. It all depends on how busy I am.
Have fun reading my scribbles.

Yuch, I'm struck by a cold. Apparently last weekend hasn't been very good for my health. It started with ache in my throat one night, and the next morning it wasn't much better. Then the sore throat passed but my nose started to run. And now I have a full blown cold. :-(
But as always: I'll live.

Today I think I will make one or two summerdresses out of old tops my mum gave me, by adding leftovers from other sewingprojects to the bottom of the top. I already selected some fabrics, but I have to wait for my nails to dry (just painted them) before I can start cutting and sewing.
So, back to 'work'. ;-)

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