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Sitting cat Welcome to my home-cooked journal.
Here you will find my rants about every day life and things that keep me busy.
In the past I have frequently written, but there's no saying if I'll continue on that path. It all depends on how busy I am.
Have fun reading my scribbles.

Matthijs visited me last Friday after he had visited Jojo in Wageningen, just because she had invited anybody to come by and visit. He came to return the bed he had borrowed for the Symbols Special (he always borrows a bed from me for larp). After he went back to Enschede again I went to the Kringloopwinkel ehrm.. second hand shop? I don't know the English word. But I got two books about sewing for only 2 euros! One from 1975 or so and one from 1983.

Today I went to school to pick up some CD's and DVD's we had bought for the last bit of our budget. And while I was in Hilversum I also went to Perrysport, to get two airbeds. The beds we have now are selfinflatable but when you wrap them up they still take half of all space in the backpack. Suusje showed me her airbed and how small it was when it was packed and I knew we had to get those too. Well, now we got them.
Through a snowstorm I went into Hilversum in search of the Perrysport and it didn't take me long to find it, though the snow wasn't helping much. Neither did those nasty "I-am-getting-payed-to-annoy-people-on-the-street-and-don't-understand-that-asking-students-for-money-will-not-work" people. I had to say "No" about four times before she backed off. And five meters down the road her colleague tried the same. Argh!

I also handed in my proposal today. I'm not sure if I'll get feedback or not. Ina said that I should talk to the teacher that will guide me through the project, but since there isn't one appointed to me yet I can't go ask him/her.
I should really get started looking for sources for my thesis and researching existing tools and stuff, but I can't seem to put my mind to it.

I did discover how to put video into Flash so you can embed it in a website, with controls and all. My mum wants it for her dogschool website.
After a lot of bullshit from both PCextreme and Lycos (her old hoster) Matthijs got the website and the redirects to work properly so the website is now online.
And like I predicted the subscriptions for the lessons that start this Friday are coming in this week. Last week my mother was worried that she had only had one subscription yet. But I told her that this week, when the deadline came closer, more people would subscribe. And they did. :-)

My diet isn't really working anymore. Since the first week of January I stopped eating sweets and cookies and chocolate to loose some weight. I lost about 2,5 kg but now the decrease stopped. I still don't eat sweets and stuff, but since I don't do much of sports either the progress came to a halt. And at this moment I'm still having a cold, so perhaps I'm "holding water". But I really should get moving.
Once a week on Wednesday I go to jazzdance, but that is only one hour in the week. And I try to keep my mother company while she walks the dogs for an hour every day, but it doesn't do much. I have no money (or won't accept money from my parents) for another sport, so perhaps I should go running. But then you get the custom bullshit: I don't want to go alone, the weather sucks (well... it does), I don't have good shoes, I'm not built for running. Etc.
And what time of day is good for sports? Before breakfast after the morningshower? (you'll get all sweaty again) In the afternoon? In the evening so that you can't get to sleep because your body is in state of alert, or right after dinner so you get cramp?
I should just start doing it, I guess.

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