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Planning, or not...

Some people at my school should really learn how to plan. And I'm not referring to fellow students in this case.

  • Today we heard that we have to give a presentation next Monday. In my case not a real problem since I didn't have any plans yet except for sleeping in. Still I don't like to give a presentation, especially since it has to be about my upcoming project.
  • Another thing is that I will probably have the same teachers as for my groupproject. I'm not too happy about that either. Though there is a small chance that someone else will be my teacher.
  • I received the bill of 700 euros today. To be transfered the 13th.
  • Today I received feedback on my PREproposal while I had to hand in my proposal yesterday. It read: "Doesn't have a clear idea yet, has to make desiscions." No, really?! That is what I myself stated in the stupid thing.
In stead of giving me such feedback two days after I handed the darn thing in.. they give me feedback after it is too late. Great. Very useful indeed. And then they state something that I already stated in the preproposal myself: that I haven't got a clear idea yet but my ideas are the following:... .
Some people! *Sigh*

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