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Stress about my project

This weekend Matthijs put me in some sort of crisis.
Tomorrow everybody has to give a three minute presentation about his/her project and this very weekend Matthijs pointed out to me that what I was planning (building a CMS) wasn't really useful. There are already a lot of open source CMSess out there and building a new one was like inventing the wheel again. Not such a good idea.
Also there was the problem that with my project I couldn't really find a subject for my thesis while project and thesis should be mutually dependent. That s*cked.
So, after a night of restless sleep and nightmares about not having a project I sat down for it again today. I was really not feeling well about it this morning.
Fortunate for me; I had bookmarked one of the pages where I got most of my resources for my paper of last year, and it proved a source of inspiration.
Now I am planning to write my thesis about the psychology of weblogs. I already have about 8 articles I could use.
And for my project I'm planning to combine some open source CMS and templating system so I can make a website where people can post their opinions and views about weblogs and such.
I already made some sort of presentation in html for tomorrow. Now let's hope that the plan will be approved and that I get a competent teacher.

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