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Here you will find my rants about every day life and things that keep me busy.
In the past I have frequently written, but there's no saying if I'll continue on that path. It all depends on how busy I am.
Have fun reading my scribbles.
Questionnaire for my project

I have now made a 9-question questionnaire, which can be found here on the (Dutch) questionnaire page.
I also have an English version.

I'd be very grateful if you'd answer all the questions on one of those pages. It would help me in my project. It's anonimous and will take about 15 minutes if you're a serious thinker. ;)

Please only fill in one of the pages, and only once.

If you have comments on the questionnaire itself, you can tell me so here on this blog.

Written by Brenda :: 19 Apr 2006 - 13:32 :: Prrrr.. 1 Comment :: Link