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In the past I have frequently written, but there's no saying if I'll continue on that path. It all depends on how busy I am.
Have fun reading my scribbles.
Something warm

Since last weekend has been spoiled by my cold limbs I decided to make something warm. And I did.
I took a spare piece of black fluffy fabric, about 1.50 m by 90 cm and cut out a similar piece from some 'normal' black fabric. I stitched the two rectangles together (wrong sides out), left a hole and turned the thing right side out. I also attached two pieces of string on one of the long sides (32 cm from each side) and voilá; something warm! Because the thing doesn't have a neckhole the 'collar' stands up, which is nice and warm. The thing itself reaches to my waist.
No more coldness for Halda!

Now, since Raya is (somehow) going to be older next BBB I'll need a new costume for her. I already made a small dress, which looks sexy, but I'm afraid it will be cold. Perhaps the 'warm something' that I made will look good on her as well and keep me warm, even with that cleavage. :-p
On the other hand.. since Raya's skin gets redder and redder while she ages it might be wise to do the cleavage-and-bare-arms-thing while I don't yet have to paint myself entirely red.

As for school things...
I handed in my preproposal and next Wednesday is the deadline for the proposal but I'm a bit lost. I didn't get any feedback yet so I'm not sure if what I preproposed is good enough. Still, I made a small plan and set-up in my head of what it is going to be.
I'm planning on making a Content Management System for websites. Not just one website, but the CMS has to be generic so that it can be used for multiple future projects. And I want to do it object oriented, which is quite a challenge for me since I'm a noob at this. But EMMA is all about challenges.
Then, my thesis... it has to be interconnected with the project. So I was thinking about researching all kinds of programming styles, why object oriented would be good, what programminglanguage to use, etc. Still, I'm not completely sure about if I can work on such 'dry' material for half a year.
Ah well. We'll see.

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