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In the past I have frequently written, but there's no saying if I'll continue on that path. It all depends on how busy I am.
Have fun reading my scribbles.

After the peer review of last Thursday I started doubting about my project and thought about doing something else. But I wanted some help in the decision. One would normally go to the appointed teacher for an appointment and a heart-to-heart. But I didn't have a teacher yet.
Knowing that my teacher would be either David or Tom, I decided to contact David (Tom is on a two week holiday) and ask him for a meeting. What seemed to be the case though, David would be in London for one week. Argh!
David advised me to focus on my thesis instead of on my not-yet-sure-what-project and told me that he would see me again at the next peer review meeting. Great.
So I indeed started working on my thesis. I have about 20 sources at the moment and I have started at the outline of the thesis itself, with a feeble first try introduction.

I'm one of those people that need a bit of guidance and who like to know what they're up for. What are the requirements for the project? How will I know if the idea I have for a project is good enough, if I can't talk to a teacher about it? It really stressed me out. Until my mother gave me the same advice as David did: start on something that you do have a clue about.
Today was the first thesis workshop lesson, which I didn't attend because I had to go to the hospital for the last time. But I did receive a handout via e-mail. I'm having serious doubts about the workshop. It seems to be a lot of reading, the theses-how-to as well as theses from last year, and I don't think I need that much guidance. It also involves exercises that have to be handed in in twofold. I think I'll attend the next lesson, next Tuesday, and then make up my mind about it. Next Tuesday is also the meeting with Hans, my thesis-teacher.

This weekend is Lextalionis, but I won't go. Vampire: TM is not my thing. Instead Sanne will come to Ermelo and we will sew a bit for Evolution Events and probably work on the content for the Exodus site. It's really important that the website goes up soon because people are getting impatient. And after about half a year it is about time something real showed up on the site. It's just that sometimes school isn't really cooperative when it comes to time management.

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