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Here you will find my rants about every day life and things that keep me busy.
In the past I have frequently written, but there's no saying if I'll continue on that path. It all depends on how busy I am.
Have fun reading my scribbles.
Hurry, hurry

Monday I went to school to get the graduationbooks of the last years, back to 1999. I hoped to get some inspiration out of them, but unfortunately all I got was a sour back because the books were very heavy. Not much inspiration. It did give me a little bit of understanding about the demands of the project, but that was all.

Tuesday (yesterday) was Valentine's day and I decided to surprise my love. I had to go to him anyway to bring him his part of the bed for coming specialweekend. But I decided to go a bit early. Matthijs expected me to arrive around four or five o'clock, when he came back from college. But I stood up at 06.15 and took the 06.37 train to Enschede, where I arrived at 08.45. I silently (but not quietly enough) entered Matthijs' room and woke him with a kiss.
I spent that day looking through the graduationbooks and reading a bit. And I sent one Valentine's card to Suusje. And she sent me a really lovely one back. :)

Today I went from Enschede to school in Hilversum and my group spent some time on a bit of chatting, cutting the poster in shape, hanging the poster, some more chatting and writing a short presentation for tomorrow.
Tomorrow 12 groups have to give a 5 minute presentation in English about their supportive study.

Fridayevening I'm going to Enschede again, with my own LARPstuff and on Saturdayevening we will depart to Eefde.
But now I'm going to take a shower because I just returned from Jazz.

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