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Somewhere in the middle

The exiting stuff I mentioned in my last post (omg... 30th of June.. time flies) didn't work out the way I hoped. There's a small atelier/shop here in Amersfoort, EvaGoDiva, where the most awesome felt creations are made. I applied for an internship there, but the positions were already filled. We had a good 'interview' though and my contact details have been written down, for when they have lots of work and might use my help. Haven't heard from them since. I tried 'walking in' last week but the shop was closed. Dead end?

Still some weeks to go before I'll hear from StudioFonkel. I was determined to set up a website with Drupal and get into SCSS (two things they use but I haven't worked with) but haven't gotten further than deciding on a Drupal distribution (Gridly). Nothing designed, installed, tried, done yet... There was a Coursera course (animal welfare), belly dancing (much fun, but even the teacher isn't sure if she can teach me new stuff....), meetings, Exit preparations, rehearsing 'When I fall in love' for an upcoming wedding, and other excuses. Not that determined then, ey? Perhaps this weekend.

We've decided to skip the Summoning because we didn't look forward to all the hassle with the sh*tload of stuff we always bring. And the weekend before (so last weekend) was Parkfest and the weekend after will be a wedding and departing for Friesland (2 week vacation). Though I'm not a big fan of sailing (Matthijs is) I'm looking forward to two weeks away from home and work. Parkfest felt great, four days of camping and folk music and dancing. Though the Friday was very rainy, the sunny Saturday and Sunday morning made up for that. And hey, Matthijs got to McGiver a shelter for cooking on Friday, for the real outdoor feeling. ;-) Very cozy with the rain dripping on the tent.

Got to get back to work now. Bleh... my heart is yearning for doing creative stuff; sewing, felting, embroidering, whatever. Not programming. I sincerely hope that StudioFonkel can change my view on web-things by just being different and doing different stuff than Brevidius.

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Good stuff is happening
Me in my dance outfit

I sent an open application to Studio Fonkel 2 weeks ago and got invited to a first interview a week later (that went on for 1,5 hours!) on Monday. The Friday after that they called me to tell me that they would like to offer me a job, but that they want to 'wait out' the summer; with interns leaving and a couple of potential clients coming in. So they will call me again in the second week of September (after their clients and my vacation) so we can discuss the work they have for me and how to proceed (terms and stuff). Exciting!! We both agreed that this is not 100% binding yet: if they don't have work for me well... there's no work. If I find an other job meanwhile I'm free to do so. However, I have the feeling that we'll see each other in September and I might (finally) switch jobs then!

The image you see on this blog post is me at the day of the A-dance end of year shows last Saturday. The photo is made with a phone so the quality isn't really all that, but it gives an impression. It was a long day with lots of waiting (and a dressing room shared with hyperactive Wushu kids and their mothers and fathers...) but it still feels so good to be on stage, even though it is only 4 minutes in a show of 2 hours. In the afternoon I made less mistakes than in the evening show, but in the evening show I had more fun. So I ordered the DVD of the evening show. I watched an (illegal) video (made with a phone too) of the evening show and I am sure that a non-dancer wouldn't have seen my mistakes. And we're all rocking it!! We were with only 8 girls on stage, so there's nobody to hide behind. You're always 'in the spotlight'.

The streetdance lessons will continue into the summer (there's no real summer stop) but from the 16th of July I will be travelling to Bussum on Wednesdays for mini-workshops belly dancing by Roos. Looking forward to that! Though it is a shame that I have to miss the last lesson (with zills!) because I will be rehearsing "When I fall in love" with ex-members of Musilon for the wedding of Suus and Michiel in August. But that is replacing one fun thing with another, so not too bad. ;-) Depending on how much I like these summer lessons I might decide I want to do my next season of belly dancing in Bussum. And depending on that I might have to switch lessons at A-Dance again. (OMG: it felt so good that some of the Tuesday group, where I danced last year, still recognized me and came to talk to me and stuff!)

I got some more exiting stuff coming up, but more about that later. I do not want to get hopes up and then have to say it didn't work out.

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Updated todo list

And another month gone without blogging. Shees. Well, life has been a bit easier now that we had the performances of #Contact@dvertentie. The flashmob went rather ok, though it was very rainy and thus not very busy in the streets of the city. The performances went very well, except for the Saturday afternoon which felt more like a dress rehearsal; we even skipped a whole scene! But the evening performance and Sunday afternoon were a blast.

Then the weekend with my mother (Saturday) and father (Sunday, his birthday party) was very nice. Though on Saturday we actually broke of a game of Arkham Horror because it was going nowhere and people (me too) got frustrated. We had good conversations, the food was very nice, the weather was great. On Sunday we did some unexpected things for my dad's birthday: golf, skeet (kleiduiven schieten), drive a quad and shoot at moving targets with bow and arrow. I liked the bow and arrow part best and the golf least. I'm actually better at skeet than Matthijs. The weather was lovely and I was the more grateful for it when on Monday and the whole week afterwards the rain just wouldn't stop.

Last Wednesday evening (28th of May) Matthijs went to Harderwijk for 10 days of sailing. They're making a trip to England. The goodbye was a bit hasty because Matthijs wasn't really structured in the packing and then had to hurry to catch a train. I was afraid I would miss him very much but I kept myself too busy. Only in the evenings when I get back from sports there's nobody here to greet me and ask how it was. Last weekend we had a 'walk in the woods' with the Bergkamp Sibbe as our annual outing, with a nice dinner in a restaurant around 17:00 and afterwards looking for game in a nearby forest. We actually saw some deer. Then on Sunday was a normal Sibbe day with 'nettles' as theme (making rope, soup, dye from nettles). Again good weather this weekend.

I started a new Coursera course: do you have what it takes to become a veterinarian? It's a very light weight course so it doesn't take up as much time and brainspace as, say, 'Introduction to Genetics and Evolution', which was rather challenging. I thought this new course would perhaps be a good idea considering that I want to do something else for a job but still don't know what... I'm still browsing job vacancy sites as well but most vacancies require an education that I haven't got or are about caring for elderly/handicapped people or children or selling fashion (yuch.. fashion). The thing is that I can only can come up with working in a store (like the one selling wool and embroidery stuff here in Amersfoort) and then wondering if that wouldn't become a drag way too soon. Working in Archeon would be very cool too, but does that pay enough to pay our bills? And Alphen a/d Rijn is still quite some distance from Amersfoort.

Anyway, feeling that I'm doing something to change my life work-wise (even though there's no actual result yet) has given me a bit more energy so I have been able to do some stuff that was on my todo list (but some things are big projects):

  • Finish my current puzzle so I can finally start on the one that my grandfather got me. <-- Finished the puzzle and it is already hanging on a wall. Haven't started on the new one yet though.
  • Crochet some beautiful (or at least colorful) things with the cotton that I got from my mother in law last Saturday. <-- I crocheted a cactus! For my mother in law. I want to make another one and have already started on the 'soil'.
  • Crochet more snowflakes (got 50 now, need about 70?) for a new belly dance costume. <-- I'm at 67 currently. Nearly there!
  • Practice for streetdance. Some parts just don't want to 'get in my system'. <-- Been practicing daily since last Saturday and I'm getting better. This evening we'll learn a new part to connect all pieces, but the main stuff is now in my system.
  • Make a plushy for Karijn's coming baby <-- Finished! Still need to give it to her though.

So the main things that I haven't gotten around to yet are the larger projects like sewing and felting and the finishing of my make-up case (though I have been using it for Amersical already).

Other stuff that I did do but was not on my list: make a system for storing earrings without hooks, put sackcloth around the scratching pole on the first floor in the hopes that our cats will enjoy scratching the upper part too (up till now, not a success), re-order the stuff in our bathroom closet and throw away old drugs.

Well, back to another drag day at work.

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... local sedation. I had a mole removed from my side/tummy today because it was getting darker and a bit flaky. Once upon a time it was a single light brown mole and I quite liked it as 'decoration', but then it became darker and now it has 3 tiny friends surrounding it. Last week the big one also itched a bit (but only one morning until it was scratched) and then I decided that I wanted it looked at. So now it is on it's way to the laboratory and I have two stitches to close the gap.


Local sedation is really cool. You don't feel a thing of what they're doing, but you can see the little knife cutting through your very own skin. The only thing I felt was a slight pulling sensation because the non-sedated surroundings of the mole were pulled with the mole while the doctor cut loose the underside of the skin. The mole was quite big (4 mm diameter) and so it left quite a gap which you see filling with a bit of blood while you still don't feel anything. Two black stitches were put in (doctor: this looks really good, me: it looks like something a zombie would wear) and a big white bandaid on top of it. No showering for 48 hours (eew... not even after streetdance tomorrow?), no contact sports (no plans for that) and in one week the stitches will be removed. At that time the lab should have found out if it was an evil mole or just a weird one. After that some other doctor wants to look at the little siblings (which are quite dark too) with a special looking glass to determine if something has to be done about those too.

Now, after all that 'excitement' back to work.

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Not in the mood

I've not been in the mood to write a blogpost for a while, and I still ain't... For a while now I've had the feeling that my life is living me instead of the other way around. It's just so busy with work, sports, Amersical (not only Mondays but 2 Thursdays, some Saturdays too), volunteer work (which is fun to do, but cuts a hole in my 'free' Friday) and nearly every weekend packed to the brim with fun-things-that-start-to-feel-like-an-obligation. Add to that the fact that my work doesn't interest me one bit any more these days and that I am nearly constantly thinking "I need to go do something else, but WHAT?!", which just drains energy.

And again, there's so much stuff that I want to do that I just don't seem to get around to (random order):

  • Finish my current puzzle so I can finally start on the one that my grandfather got me (with some effort) for my birthday last year.
  • Take in some clothing that I won't be able to wear anymore otherwise. (I've been floating around 70 kilograms now for a while)
  • Make a make-up case with the poker-case and a mirror I bought on Kingsday. It needs some stuffing so my make-up won't be able to move around while carrying.
  • Give our own cats more attention, perhaps train with them again.
  • Make a new version (3rd) 'medieval dress' from a green linen that I have bought a few weeks ago.
  • Make a new harem pants from purple linen I bought a few weeks ago.
  • Crochet some beautiful (or at least colorful) things with the cotton that I got from my mother in law last Saturday.
  • Crochet more snowflakes (got 50 now, need about 70?) for a new belly dance costume (blue/purple/white theme).
  • Practice for streetdance. Some parts just don't want to 'get in my system'.
  • Make a plushy for Karijn's coming baby
  • Probably some more stuff that I'm forgetting at the moment...

Upcoming: tomorrow evening flashmob with a few people from Amersical in the center of Amersfoort, Friday Exit meeting, final rehearsal for Amersical this Saturday, a blissfully empty Sunday (looking forward to it!!), another workweek and in the weekend the Amersical performances, another workweek with Xenophobia meeting and in the weekend visiting my mother on Friday-Saturday and my dad's birthday party on Sunday.

Well, let's get back to work...

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