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A future for De WAR?

De WAR is a place in Amersfoort where people can develop their ideas and create inspiring and innovating things. The Fablab is also part of De WAR. It is a place where you can use nifty tools like a laser cuttor or a 3D printer to create things and it runs without government funding! Some of the props of Evolution Events' events have been made with the help of the machines in the Fablab.

Why this post? Well.... the municipality of Amersfoort has decided to sell the ground that De WAR is using to another bidder who wants to build student houses on it. We do not have enough student housing in Amersfoort, but we do have some. We do not, however, have another place like De WAR. So we will gain a bit but loose a lot.

It is not too late yet! De WAR is taking action. Please help in keeping De WAR a creative and free environment in Amersfoort. See what you can do and read more background on the website, share the messages from the Facebook page (#toekomstindewar) and sign this petition.
Thank you.

Written by Brenda :: 06 Oct 2016 - 16:57 :: Prrrr.. 2 Comments :: Link
Jojo wrote at 2016-10-10 12:03

De einddatum voor de petitie staat op juni 2016. Klopt dat wel?

Brenda wrote at 2016-10-10 12:06

Ja, dat klopt. Dit is een petitie van de vorige keer; toen een reactie op een andere foobar van de gemeente en mensen zijn die petitie opnieuw gaan tekenen dus wordt hij opnieuw ingezet. De einddatum is dus al geweest, ja. Maar dat maakt niet uit. ;-)

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