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End of the year

Well, we have a conclusion (of some sort) about my back. A double hernia. Which one is causing the pain in my leg is not evident. So I got a new drug to see if that will help. It should block nerve input. If it works it is proof that a nerve is the problem. If it doesn't work something else might be causing trouble.

Then there's the varicose vein in my right leg. I had surgery on that today. They ligated the faulty vein so there should be no more blood going the wrong direction instead of going up my leg as it is supposed to. I have to wear a stocking for support for a couple of days and then until I feel like I no longer need it. That should be one fixed problem for now. Took from 09:05 - 16:00. There goes your day.

Christmas was great! No family stuff this year except that Matthijs went to see his step-family on the first day of Christmas while I did my volunteer work at the shelter. Late in the afternoon C&R came over for dinner and whatever we felt like. They brought the whole Rockband/Guitar Hero set up, except they forgot the controller for the microphone. But Matthijs fixed it! So we played into the night and then watched a movie. I don't much remember of the movie since I nearly fell asleep. We went to bed at 05:00.

The second day of Christmas was spent sleeping in, visiting Lonneke for her birthday, evaluating Orenda in Soest, getting food from the Chinese and playing Rockband some more. A really no-sweat Christmas this year. Great!

Sunday after Christmas was spent with a bit of sewing. A pillow cover for Lonneke (actually, for a cat pillow) and I started on a new vest for Matthijs. With an embroidered bat on one of the pockets. I hope to finish it tomorrow.

The planned New Year's party at our place was cancelled because we only got 2 confirmations. So now we either spend it at C&R with 4 others or we will spend it in a tree at the Soesterduinen, just the two of us. Since I have to do volunteer work at the shelter on the 1st of January we're still a bit in doubt about what to do.

Hope you had a great Christmas and I wish you a very good New Years Eve and a great new year!

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