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Mamma Mia the musical - what fun!
Donna and the Dynamos poster

Last weekend Amersical performed "Mamma Mia, the musical" in a theater in Amersfoort. It was great, despite some health issues of several people, including myself. I caught a cold on Wednesday and over the weekend slowly lost my voice. Crappy timing!! So on Saturday afternoon things were still quite well, on Saturday evening I could not do my long note in one of my solos and on Sunday I even had to playback some songs! So frustrating! Fortunately my singing coach offered some advice and the rest of the group sang along with me so that my sound feed could be turned off or louder depending on what my voice did.

I had some trouble with my hernia on Saturday but on Sunday it was much better, however I overburdened my right ankle with the heels I was wearing (saw the doctor today for that). But the show had to go on, and it did. :-)

The audience for the matinee performances was (as always) a bit timid, but the Saturday evening was (as always) great. We even got applauded for just walking onto the stage in our glitter outfits! We got lots of compliments. I even got compliments via other players from 'their' audience! There was quite some stress in changing costumes and physical discomforts, but it is always such a rush to perform together.

Of course we ended the weekend with pancakes in De Kabouterhut as is tradition. But this was not the final act. We will perform in a retirement home next week on Monday and we were even asked to come perform at an Abba-party on the first of July. How cool is that?! (Less cool is that the 1st of July would be the day that I undergo surgery for my hernia.... so let's really hope that it is not necessary!)

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