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No surgery, but disaster strikes nevertheless!

Oh drama! :-p

Well, as the title states I have decided not to have surgery on my hernia. The reason is that I was afraid of the treatment and the long looooong period of revalidation. Besides that the pain was manageable. There's some pain in my hip every now and again and on bad days also on the outside of my right calf but is not as bad as I thought it would be without the medicines. And I can surely say that I have kicked off of those meds now, so this is all the pain that there is left.

Then how did disaster strike? Well, because I had expected our vocal coach to be wearing my outfit for the extra performance on the first of July I laundered it (by hand). Yesterday I noticed some 'water stains' and decided to wash and thouroughly rinse it all again. But, the horror, the stains only got worse and some of the blue dissolved and left silver behind! So now my top is ruined! Fortunately I did not wash the pants because there was less armpit sweat and make-up involved there. So that one is still good.

I do have some blue spandex left. Probably enough (even with the stretch in the right direction) to replace the entire body. However, that will be a hell of a job that I'd rather not start on. Unfortunately a little voice is screaming in my head that I could never wear this again anyway, so just fix it and be done with it...

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