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Sitting cat Welcome to my home-cooked journal.
Here you will find my rants about every day life and things that keep me busy.
In the past I have frequently written, but there's no saying if I'll continue on that path. It all depends on how busy I am.
Have fun reading my scribbles.
Yay! A project!

Thanks to Julius I now have a project! You can read all about it on my projectblog. I've also ditched the Serendipityblog and installed Wordpress. The latter has much more and understandable documentation and it didn't need a f*cking plugin to put a few links in the sidebar.
And I did the ditching and installing all by myself! On this Linux server. W00t! I love Ninniach (that's the server, ninni for short).

Last Monday was the last time cleaning at my grandparents. Or so my grandma told me. They are getting professional help with the household. And my dad had told them that I really needed to focus on school stuff, which is true.
I still need to make a planning and work out the specifics of the thing I'm going to make. But YAY! I have a project! Finally. Now I can get on with my thesis, which should somehow integrate and enhance the project.

This is going to be (or actually it already is) a short post because in about fifteen minutes I have to go to Jazz. And I want to listen to 'our' song just before I go, to remember the steps and such.
*Dances away*

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