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Sitting cat Welcome to my home-cooked journal.
Here you will find my rants about every day life and things that keep me busy.
In the past I have frequently written, but there's no saying if I'll continue on that path. It all depends on how busy I am.
Have fun reading my scribbles.
Little test

What type of Fae are you?

Sorry, nothing else. Except a thank you for Matthijs, for fixing my WLAN. Thanks!!
Nice quote from the test: What doesn't kill you.. should be petted until fluffy.

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Big Bang presentation

Or pre-pre-exam.
Despite the small time window for preparation, we were sewing here for Evolution Events last Monday and Tuesday, my presentation went quite well. The teachers weren't as hard on me as they were on some of my fellow students. Actually, the audience was either bored or enthusiastic about my project and the teacher only advised me to make a good planning with Ellis, who's going to do my design.
Lots of people still have to start writing their thesis while I already finished five chapters. Next Monday the thesis outline, including introduction, first chapter and conclusion, have to be handed in.
My thesis supervisor already made a file about my thesis and told me that everything was ok. So I don't have to hand in anything this Monday. :-)
Things are going nicely.

Except for an Oops. I'm getting spammed on this blog because the googlebot has spotted my blog. How very nice. So I was renaming the files that get the spam (there were two) and accidentally I removed one of the posts. :-s The one about Symbols 3. Since I'm not quite used to Linux (yet) I made the mistake and couldn't put things right again. So.. shitje.
Stupid spammers. I don't need Viagra or page ranks or other shit. If I need something I will find it myself, thank you very much. Assholes.

Since my laptop, from which I'm working now, has a really flaky WLAN connection, I think I will end my post here.
I've got to go to jazz in little over half an hour. Last lesson before the demo next Saturday in Putten. Can't say I'm very worried about it, but I'm not too excited either. I'm getting a bit tired of this song now. Which reminds me, I have to mail the treasurer of Sparta to ask if there's a term of notice. Again. Tried it before, no reaction.
But I said I was ending the post. So..

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Lack of motivation

Yes, I know I should be working on my thesis or my project or both. Instead I'm fooling around doing stuff for Evolution Events, cleaning the kitchen and the fridge, spending way too much time online and generally feeling useles.
I really should be working on my presentation for next Wednesday, or thinking about the design (with which Ellis is going to help me), writing deep stuff in my thesis, finding more code samples I could perhaps use, check out AJAX (scripting, no soccer) and lots more. Don't feel like it.

I miss Matthijs. How pathetic.. I'll see him tomorrow night and I saw him last Sunday, so what am I whining about?
I feel like doing something creative. Drawing perhaps, or sewing pieces of fabric together to make a costume with lots of colors. I don't know. Instead I'm still sitting here behind my computer, browsing the talented artists on Elfwood.
Hmm.. I'm tired of linking in html every time as well. Perhaps I should find a plugin that lets me use shorter tags.

Yes, let's go do something.

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Slow blogging times

I noticed a few large holes in my blogging lately. It's probably because things are going fast and my project takes up a lot of time and blogging. On my Projectblog you can read all about my project and my very positive talk with my thesis supervisor. You could also view what I built so far and perhaps play around with it a bit.

Last weekend was a quiet weekend. On Thursday evening Matthijs came over to Ermelo. Friday morning we started with my anti-tummy-campaign, meaning getting up early and running. We ran 3 times 3 minutes with 2 minutes walking in between. That afternoon we went for a walk and late afternoon and evening we worked on some school things. With Matthijs, as usual, commenting on my programming style and helping frustrated little me with making things better.
Saturday morning started with a bit of running as well. This time 5 times 2 minutes with 1 minute walking between running sessions. The afternoon went very slowly with Matthijs lying lazy on my bed and me trying to think of something to do. In the end Matthijs went to his grandpa to get a bike and I started on my first unsupervised locker project. I made four skirts and a top that afternoon/evening. :)
Saturday evening I went to Harderwijk around 22.30 and we went almost straight to bed. Sunday was the Big Day. We were going to Clean Matthijs' Room. It took a whole day and it was very satisfying work. You can now see the table again and actually walk toward it. Even though it is more Laurens' room than Matthijs', he didn't help much because he is learning for his exams.

At the end of the day we had one closet with neatly ordered and filled boxes, no mess on the ground and a nearly empty table.We found loads of stuff to throw away, loads of stuff to donate to EE, a deserted spiders nest, lots of moths and even some candy and muffins from last EE weekend. It was a good thing that we didn't postpone the cleaning session.

This Monday we had a meeting with EE again. An unexpected one, mainly about how to solve some communication problems and work more efficient. I think it was wise to do so.
We also decided to do another sewing session next Monday and Tuesday at my place. Yay! My parents didn't object. :-D

This week is for my study and things. I also have to make a presentation for next Wednesday, since Monday and Tuesday are occupied.
This weekend is also a good candidate for school things because Matthijs is staying in Enschede for the Lustrum week of Inter-Actief.

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Enjoyable EE weekend

Last weekend we had a get-to-now-you-while-making-things-for-Exodus weekend for Evolution Events.
My dad drove me to Harderwijk with four large bags with fabric, sewing machine, locker and some stuff Matthijs had left at my place. Martine was there with her 'new' boyfriend and we had a nice conversation before going to bed.

Saturday we got up at around 9 o'clock because people would be arriving between ten and eleven. They came in in two groups and we got settled. A large table in the middle of the room with all sewing machines on top. Fabric all over the room.
There were roughly three groups:

  • Seamstresses: Cora, Suus, Annelies, Sanne and me. Making costumes.
  • Carpenters: Jan Willem, Gijs and Rene. Making shields.
  • Others: Karijn, Olga, Sander and Matthijs. Doing misc stuff like nerding, sewing buttons to clothes, advising and making coffee, tea and food.

Unfortunately Suus had forgotten to bring some of the fabric she and Cora had bought on the market, but there was plenty of fabric at hand with a large donation from Matthijs. We didn't even come near to using it all.
At the end of Saturday we had a lot of cute bonnets, some skirts, some shirts, pants, waistcoats, apron, two dresses and perhaps I'm forgetting something.
Since it was to be an enjoyable weekend we didn't set any goals and in the evening everybody gradually stopped working and started talking and lounging.

Saturday evening/night we had the get-to-know-us talk. It was very enlightening and impressive. For the first time (that I know of) we had a talk about deeper things than larp. I can't say anything about it except that it left quite an impression on me.

Cora, Rene, Suus, Gijs and Karijn stayed over for the night while the rest went home somewhere past midnight.
Sunday morning we slept in late, did some breakfast, cleaned up a bit and talked a lot. Around 3 o'clock everybody except Matthijs and I got into Suus' car and departed.
Matthijs and I cleaned up the rest, took a nice shower, had some dinner, watched TV and went to bed satisfied.

So yesterday and today it was time again for graduation-stuff. Yes, I do want to graduate this year. But you can read all about it on my project weblog.

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