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Pandora part 3

First something fun: here you can listen to EnschedeFM. They have an item about Pandora at 20.15 tonight.

So, yesterday evening was the last puzzle. And it was huge.
We started with two sheets of paper with some little story on it and an encrypted hint. The first one was in dvorak and read 'bushalte' (bus stop), the second was a 9digit number that had to be transformed into a building number. That turned out to be 26, Oosthorst, on the other side of the campus.
When we got there all was quiet. My teammates went around the building and I went down a slope to see if there was anything hidden down there. When I came back up I saw someone ride in my direction. It turned out to be Eelco and he was my first kill of Pandora. I finally hit something! :-p
My teammates returned without having found anything and we went to the last bus stop that we hadn't checked. There we ran into the guards. They followed us with their car but we were too fast and split up. I got totally lost and tried to get back. I succeeded but had to get away again because the guards were still standing there. Later we found out that there was a hint near that place, though it wasn't on the bus stop.
Finally we all got home again, after some detours.

Since I haven't been sleeping much lately and didn't understand most of the puzzles I can't quite remember all the puzzles but I'm sure Matthijs will have some pictures on his blog soon.
Somewhat later we went back to Oosthorst and this time we found the clue. Never trust anybody who says he's sure there was nothing there, unless you have checked it for yourself. We were lucky that I had come along because Tristan's camera decided to stop functioning. Fortunately I brought a pen and wrote everything on my hand.
This night we had put in our Killer joker, because the puzzle joker had been put in on the night before. And in stead of just one kill, which we had all three nights before, we ended with 11 kills and only me still alive. Eleven kills of twenty points each, times 3 makes 660 points. We could have gone to bed at that moment since we were way ahead of the other teams. But since we had been the first to hand in all puzzles until then, we decided to keep it up and went on.
At 05.00 hours I decided it would be wise for me to get some sleep, since I had to get up at 07.45 again. Of course Matthijs pushed on.
I was told that at 13.30 we handed in the solution, eleven authorization codes. Just before one of the other teams did. First again!

The meeting at school went fairly well though I was quite numb. My concentration had taken some time off. It was quite useful and I'm thinking about switching again because of some feedback I got. *sigh* But only my project. The website I wanted to make was interpreted by my peers as a community. And I don't want to make a community, there are dozens of those out there already.
My goal in this project is not to facilitate a place to rant, chat and talk about weblogs; it is to develop my technical skills. So now I'm thinking about building a plug-in after some research about what is needed or wanted in the blogosphere.
But I have to talk about that with my project teacher, whom still isn't known to me.

I miss Pandora already. It felt wrong, not to be at the ending of it all, just sitting here at home.
It's like with a live roleplay event; afterwards you always want to go back again to the time that nothing mattered but fun.
I also miss Matthijs. Even though I lived in the same house for nearly a week, we didn't cuddle much. We were mostly too busy with the puzzles and when I went to bed, he still stayed up. But it will all be fixed this weekend, I hope.

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