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Elf Fantasy Fair

Last weekend was the 6Th Elf Fantasy Fair and this time I went with the Evolution Events crew.
We had gotten a stand from the Fair in exchange of some animation and we were only allowed to hand out flyers passively. That is to say: put them on a table and hope that someone will take one with him.
But we weren't there to haul in lots of fresh blood. We were mainly there to have a good time together, entertain the public and show the LARP world that we exist and what we do.

Saturday was a bit disappointing. The weather was being stupid and cloudy so we were all cold. And we weren't really organized in the who-goes-shopping-when-thing. But we managed.
Sunday was much better. We did a lot of animation, the sun was shining most of the time and life was reasonably good.
We were a Victorian theater group and we did a couple of on the fly plays. With Karijn and Olga as writers it became a very rhetoric piece.
The organization of the Fair itself sucked. But well... something had to go wrong, right? ;)

Yesterday evening we had another EE meeting at Karijn's place, but it was a bit chaotic because there were kittens. Cute little fluffy squirming kittens. :)

Next weekend is our sewing weekend. We will be making costumes for Exodus and talk a lot, get to know each other even better. Make some props and stuff.

In other news: 11 people have now filled in my questionnaire. Thank you very much! I could still use more input though, so feel free to help me with my graduation. I've got a Dutch version and an English version. Even if you don't have a weblog you can help me.
I really should get to sketching now, since Tom wants to see some sketches next Thursday. It messes up my planning a bit, but I think that won't be too much of a problem yet.

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